• Band
  • Galvanized steel smooth ID clamps are designed to be used with industrial hose made of stiffer, thinner thermoplastics. In addition, they are intended for use with roll over type clamp tools and band clamp tools.

  • Ear
  • Pinch-on single ear clamps and pinch-on double ear clamps are available in 304 stainless steel, zinc-plated steel, etc.

  • Screw
  • Wave seal clamps offer superior retention in various applications involving thermal cycling, high vibration, etc.

  • Spring
  • Clamps for IXH raised end are made for fast assembly when connecting heavy-duty raised end fittings used for concrete. The items can be used for connection of the ends of pipes or hoses which use the raised end or California style fittings.

  • Wire
  • Hydraulic hose clamps for 1 or 2 wire hose. The items are made of plated iron.

Please do not forget to follow the manufacturer's product recommendations. Otherwise, your health may be put at risk.

Dixon Valve products are used in an array of industries including construction, mining and more. All items comply with current standards and specific customers’ requirements.