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Data networks are made up of a multitude of components. The main element of the system that is directly responsible for the data transportation is a cable. Most commonly, complicated networks are made up of a large number of cables that are connected together. Cables with metallic cores provide decent data transition capabilities, however, there are several drawbacks when utilizing them. Optical fiber is great for data transitioning, however, it’s much more complicated in service. Joining two optical cables into one is a complicated tricky process that requires specialized devices. We offer a collection of fusion splicers, specifically designed for joining optical fiber.


Fusion Splicers

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Fusion splicers utilize high temperatures to link optic fiber. Two cables are stripped of insulation, cleaned of any contamination, and cut precisely to match each other when splicing. All splicing operations should meet two major requirements - the strength of connection should be the same as of the rest of the cable, and no data loss should occur due to light interference. Shop with Mega Depot and find the best product for your specific application!