Surface Roughness Testers

Surface roughness is a parameter that determines the deviation from the ideal “flatness” of the surface. This parameter is often measured in building, interior & exterior design, geological survey, and quality control on production lines.

surface roughness testers

Surface Roughness Testers

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Exterior roughness has two major "subdivisions" - profile & areal. Profile attributes provide a more generalized description of an object, while areal attributes give specific information about a specific fragment. The roughness attribute may be assessed in two ways. Comparator plates may be used to physically compare the evaluated object with a “benchmark”, or a required covering example. Such plates commonly come in sets of multiple segments with various roughness values. A more complicated device can be used to estimate the profile parameters of an object. Surface roughness meters, also known as profilometers, are gadgets that evaluate the profile outline. These devices allow determining peak and depression deviations from a surface line, which in turn determines the object’s roughness, density, bearing area, etc. Mega Depot offers a wide range of surface roughness meters at the best prices.