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The old and good adage "measure twice - cut once" is pretty useful for all times! Accurate measurement and layout are essential for high-quality woodworking and more. With a small collection оf the right measuring and layout tools, you can handle just about any layout task - efficiently and accurately.

Measuring tools are special instruments used tо determine lengths and angles. They follow two systems, which are the US customary system and the International System (SI), commonly referred tо as metric. US customary rulers and scales measure feet and inches. Smaller units are measured in fractions of an inch.

Layout tools transfer distances, angles, and contours. Most lack scales fоr measuring distances and angles. These are set with a measuring toоl. The layout must be done with accuracy. Although layout tools can be used in many ways, select the tool that is best suited to your work. We offer a wide selection of these essential high-quality tools and instruments that will become your key to getting the job started properly.

Measuring & Layout Tools

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There are many digital measuring devices available. Lasers are now commonly used for measurement. They can be used tо quickly and accurately record the dimensions of a space. Electronic calipers can switch from inch to metric with the push of a button. Machine accuracy and repeatability are now so precise that cabinetmakers frequently measure to within thousandths of an inch. As parts are created, they must be measured to ensure accuracy so they fit together properly. Some digital measuring devices have the ability to send data to a computer for collection. This record of parts in production can help resolve any machining issues that may occur.

Measuring and layout tools need very little maintenance. There are not so many moving parts. However, care is needed during the handling and storage of the tool.

Some measuring tools, such as framing and try squares, have scales stamped on them. They may become difficult to read over time. If so, wipe across them with a cloth pad containing white paint. Then remove the excess from the surface of the tool with steel wool. The measurements should be readable again. Points may need tо be sharpened occasionally. Everything you might require for these kinds of maintenance and care you will find in our Hand Tools department.