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Abanaki Corporation is a flagship manufacturer of oil skimmers. They are aimed at collecting and removing oil from the liquid surface. Oil and water have different physical and chemical properties, they don’t mix together. These substances differ in surface tension and consequently, oil adheres to a skimming medium.

Abanaki oil skimmers will provide you with a great selection of tube, belt disc, drum, mop oil skimmers. The manufacturer offers products different in size: from large to mini. There are devices available with removal capability from 1 gph to 200 gph which can be used for a number of applications.

Abanaki offers a multitude of items to serve different purposes. The devices remove varied types of oils, grease and fats.It is important that using Abanaki oil skimmers allows further recycling of both oil and water.

When choosing an oil skimmer, pay attention to its specifications. Abanaki oil skimmers have standard, high quality and reliable motors. The motor options include: necessary electrical requirement, drip and explosion proof, dirty and wash down duty, DC, ATEX/ European motors etc. Furthermore, Abanaki offers five belt materials: CR Steel, Elastomer, Poly, XP-Poly and Fuzzy with temperature range from 160 to 220°F (or 71-104°C) and pH range 2-13 in all five types.

In addition, Abanaki offers a number of optional equipment and accessories for your oil skimmer system customization.

All Abanaki products are designed to meet any application requirement. Abanaki oil skimmers are used in different industries. The areas of application include mineral, vegetable oil factories, perfumery, engineering industries, petroleum refineries etc.

Abanaki equipment is initially designed for users’ comfortable work, so the devices are user-friendly and highly effective. Using oil skimmers is a low-cost way to remove oil from water. In addition, every item is easy to keep and maintain. The drive is designed for lasting performance.

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