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Laboratory equipment differs in its complexity and function. It may vary in size and cost, but all equipment serves a specific function, and mistreating or mishandling a tool or device can compromise the whole experimentation process. That is why all your equipment should be treated and handled appropriately. An important part of maintenance is performing necessary cleansing procedures after it was used. It can be particularly important for instruments and glassware in biological and chemical laboratories since they are in contact with possibly dangerous substances more often than the rest of the equipment. Mega Depot offers a great selection of washing and drying products for tool maintenance. Shop with us and use only high-quality and dependable products that are built to last!

Washers & Dryers

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Washing your equipment is the basic step that is necessary to keep your tools clean and safe. Clean devices will not affect your tests and experiments if you use them later because there is no risk of contamination of other substances. Specialized cleaning equipment also prevents intricate and delicate instruments from getting damaged or broken.

After cleaning your tools, they should be left to dry in appropriate places, or in some cases (if further usage is required), expedited drying procedures are necessary. We offer a variety of drying equipment from regular peg dryers to devices with additional heating elements. On Mega Depot, you can easily find the best product for your specific application!