Across International Ovens

Across International Ovens

A drying oven is a device intended to remove moisture from objects. Nowadays, the market offers a multitude of items that vary in type, size, quality and more. Decide what oven you need and what features it should include.

Consider Across International ovens. The company specializes in manufacturing top-quality heating equipment. The products are characterized by high quality and reliability. The company offers vacuum drying and forced air drying ovens.

Across International vacuum drying ovens are perfect for objects made of delicate materials. Using this type of ovens eliminates the risks of damaging the objects. When using the devices, the pressure in the chamber is minimized, so moisture can evaporate even at low temperatures. You can choose from AccuTemp and Elite vacuum drying ovens. Across International’s AccuTemp ovens are of different volume, they have SST tubing and/ or valves. Heat loss and power consumption are minimized. The Elite devices feature 5 sided chamber jacket heating system to ensure the enhanced level of temperature uniformity.

The company’s forced air drying ovens provide an evenly distributed, constant airflow. This type is ideal for drying glass, oxyde carbolization and more. Choose from 200°C-, 300°C- and 400°C-rated ovens.

Every item produced by Across International has a reliable construction that can withstand rigorous day-to-day use. The interior is made of extra-durable stainless steel. In addition, the ovens feature temperature calibration and overheat protection.

Excellence is a priority for the company. Every item undergoes quality tests to meet demanding present-day standards and specific customers’ needs. The ovens are designed to serve their users for a long time.

The devices are widely used in electronic, food, pharmaceutical industries and many more. Please note that it is necessary to read the instructions prior to using the device. 

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