A vacuum pump is a machine used for extracting matter from the desired space. These devices are connected to systems or containers with liquid substances, and by creating vacuum they can operate the fluids. Such pumps are used for pushing liquids inside or outside a certain container. Vacuum pumps may vary in construction, and therefore in the main principle of their work. Vacuum pumps may be used as standalone devices for various tests and operations, however they are often used as a part of aspiration systems. Aspiration systems are special compound devices, consisting of a vacuum pump, special containers for liquid extraction and supplementary parts like hoses and lids. Such systems are used for controlled liquid extraction and collection. Some chemical and biological substances may be hazardous to work with directly, therefore they should be manipulated by special systems like the one mentioned above. Adaptable vacuum force allows precise extraction and filtering of dangerous fluids. We provide a wide range of aspiration systems and vacuum pumps, as well as replacement parts, motors, and repair kits. Shop for the best with MegaDepot.