Tests are a major part of laboratory procedures. They are necessary after performing any type of experiment or prototyping a new object or chemical, which might be later used for commercial purposes. A set of tests is required to prove the usefulness of the material and to check if this new compound is safe for use. Some tests are conducted to establish compounds or chemicals if they are unknown from the start, while others may establish the quality of a given substance. Mega Depot offers a range of test substances suited for various purposes. Use only reliable products and shop with us!


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We offer a great selection of testers and test substances. You can buy various acid, phosphate, and other reagents to be used separately and as a part of a set. We provide devices that can conduct flocculation tests for water. They cause all contaminating particles to group together into big clusters and precipitate. They do so with the aid of various chemical substances and/or physical interactions. We offer a great selection of test kits as well. Water, soil, hydroponic, and various chemical test kits include all necessary substances and containers for complete quality evaluations of substances. On Mega Depot, you can find affordable and high-quality products.