There is a wide range of various heat-level altering equipment, the devices differ in their working principle and purpose. If you are looking for cooling equipment, we offer a range of gadgets. Condensers are special gadgets that transfer substances from gas to liquid by lowering the temperature. We also offer coolers of different designs and various cryogenic supplies and chambers. Heating devices are also presented in a large variety. You can buy heaters and heating baths, which use moist heat (steam), ovens that use dry air, and hot plates transferring warmth via physical contact with the desired object. Incubators are used in biological experiments, they operate by maintaining a steady temperature level that is higher than the environmental heat level. Another temperature-stabilizing device is a circulator, it uses heat-transferring liquid to maintain a stable temperature level. We also provide thermostats that serve as temperature regulation devices and can be installed on a variety of equipment. Shop with Mega Depot!