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Knives are among the earliest tools that were invented and used by people. There are findings of tools that were used to hunt prey and cut through grass and trees. Knives are very versatile, to some extent they are utilized in almost all industries. Laboratory work often requires dissecting, cutting, opening, and other possible operations made with a knife or a blade of some sort. Blades and similar cutting instruments are very common in labs. Mega Depot offers a great selection of separate blades and knives of different size and form. You can choose from reliable and affordable products.

Cutting Equipment

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Knives have evolved significantly throughout the centuries, and now are used in an unimaginable variety of situations, there are many products, from eating utensils to large knives used in the construction industry. Special knives are used in surgery and laboratory experiments. We offer a wide selection of light, medium, and heavy-duty knives manufactured to deal with various types of material. We also supply additional replaceable blades for precision knives and scalpels. A scalpel is a specialized tool, which is used for mainly medicinal purposes (surgery or dissection) but may also be utilized for handcrafts (e.g. woodcutting). Scalpel blades are made from extremely hard, sharp, and thin steel (usually stainless or high-carbon), however, there are various materials that are currently utilized as a blade base, ranging from ceramics to diamonds.

Mega Depot also offers a selection of supplementary handles for scalpels and scalpel/knife kits. Find the right product for your application!