Depending on the application, centrifuges vary in their design and size. There are numerous types of centrifuges, thus let’s consider the most basic:

  • Filtration - used for the segregation of the mixture of solid in liquid - Basket/Tubular Bowl Centrifuge.
  • Sedimentation - same purpose plus the segregation of liquid in liquid - Disc Bowl Centrifuge and Bottle Centrifuge.

    By factoring in consumer needs, trustability, durability, and high quality, we have come up with our list of top 5 most effective centrifuges' brands:

  • Benchmark Scientific Centrifuges - one designed for heavy workloads and ideal for use with tissue culture flasks; others prevent cross contamination, remain programmed parameters in memory for repeated runs.
  • Drucker Diagnostics Centrifuges - cool operation, dual layers of safety protection; unbeatable quality for any budget; come ready to run with the rotor, tube holders.
  • Globe Scientific Centrifuges - independent control of speed and time; fast acceleration and deceleration; pulse operation for quick spins and many other special options.
  • Oxford Lab Products Centrifuges - timer setting and infinite mode; lid lock safety with automatic release; save and run up to 99 user-defined programs or protocols; unique airflow design.
  • Scilogex Micro-Centrifuges - compact and powerful high-speed, ideal for high-end research applications; high-quality aluminum alloy bio-containment rotors and many more.