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Scientific experiments, researches, and other procedures require a high degree of attention and precaution, as well as using specialized equipment. Various procedures require respective equipment, and of course, the equipment and all the surrounding objects have to be clean in order to prevent unwanted substances from affecting the results of the experiment. We offer a great collection of sterilizing equipment and supplementary parts. Find the right product for your specific application on Mega Depot!

Autoclaves & Sterilizers

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An autoclave is a special device that creates high pressure inside a locked space. It can produce high-pressure flows of steam and is used for various technological procedures. One of the common uses is the vulcanization of rubber. Another important function of this device is removing biological or non-biological contaminants from the instruments. Steam flows and the absence of air allow the autoclave to sterilize your equipment in 20 minutes, while other devices and techniques take up to several hours.

Sterilizers are special devices that are somewhat comparable to autoclaves. They provide the same functionality, however, they utilize different methods. Mega Depot offers a selection of dry heat sterilization devices. They are not as time-efficient as steam-based machines, however, they may be used to sterilize powders and steel objects that are susceptible to rusting in case of a moist-heat procedure.

We provide a wide selection of autoclaves and sterilizers, as well as refills, baskets, water cooling systems, ports, the list goes on. Find and order high-quality yet affordable products on Mega Depot!