A screwdriver is a very popular, simple yet useful hand tool. It’s made up of a rod, which has a specifically shaped tip, and a grip. The end part of a device is the most important part, as it determines the type of screws appropriate for use with this particular device. We provide a broad variety of screwdriver types.


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The first screwdrivers date back to the 15th century. Such devices were utilized in construction and armorsmithing. Modern-day screwdrivers are presented in a wide selection of types. They may be actuated by hand power as well as supplementary electronic devices (drills or specially designed mechanisms). Manual screwdrivers have metal, wooden, or plastic handles, shaped accurately to fit conveniently in the palm of a person. The shaft is made of firm hard steel to prevent twisting and curving. As for the tips, there’s an impressive selection of types, however, the two that are utilized most regularly are flat tip and Phillips tip. There are also tools with sets of interconvertible tips, so the same handle may be used with multiple types.