Scissors are manually-operated shearing/cutting tools. Just like the majority of other instruments, the first cutting devices (or at least their prototype) date back to ancient times. They have preserved their main functional purpose, which is to cut through thin materials like fabric and paper. Possible fields of usage of such instruments vary from office and decorative work to heavy-duty applications. We provide a great selection of scissors & shears from the most reliable manufacturers.


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The design of scissors varied as the ages passed. The first tools looked like a couple of knives attached together with a springy band of metal. Over time, they evolved into a pair of metal edges joined with a pivot rod. Sharp ends are placed facing one another, and when operated - two blades slide along and against each other. The actual separating action depends on two major factors - shearing (which is a major force in low-quality tools) and cutting (common in high-quality instruments). These devices can vary in type based on their application - from school scissors to hair trimmers and branch cutters. Find the best solution at Mega Depot!