Magnetic properties of certain rocks and metals were observed in 600-500 BC and were first documented in ancient Greece. Magnetic elements were also described and utilized for certain purposes in India and China. Magnets were commonly used as experimental subjects and have found widespread application in compasses and similar navigational instruments. With the discovery of electromagnetism, magnets were frequently used in multiple tools. Nowadays, magnet-based instruments are generally employed in a multitude of spheres, from construction and mining to food & beverage production. We offer a great selection of hand tools that incorporate magnets as the main operating element.



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Magnetic tools and devices can vary based on their purpose. We offer hand tools designed specifically to locate and lift metallic or magnetic objects. Mega Depot provides a variety of light-duty bendable magnetic pickups suited for locating and retrieving small objects. We also have a selection of sheet handlers, heavy-duty magnetic clip-on devices suited for moving large sheets of metal.