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Many hand tools were introduced in the last century that greatly changed, if not revolutionized, the way a lot of things are done. Modern-day hand tools cover every possible situation. A great example of a recently created tool that has become popular quite quickly is a knockout punch. We provide a large selection of knockout punches as well as all supplementary parts. A knockout punch is a... read more

Knockout Punches

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...special tool required for creating (or "punching") holes in metallic plates. This tool is utilized to cut through metal plates that are already assembled into some construction, so the use of regular instruments is inefficient or impossible. Punches are presented in a variety of diameters. Operating this device takes several steps. First, you need to drill a small hole in a plate, so the bolt can go through. Next, you have to put on a cutter punch on one side and a die on the other. Some punches require manual force (wrenches), while others utilize an electric drill or a similar utility.