Inspection Mirrors

A mirror creates a returned image of people/objects in front of it. Ancient mirrors can be traced back to 6000 BC. They were originally fashioned of planished and polished stones or were presented as vessels containing very still water. Over the years, mirrors evolved from large, cumbersome constructs to small metallic plates, and later on - to glass panels covered with silver or aluminum. Modern mirrors are utilized not only as a grooming device but for industrial and commercial use as well. A good example of an unusual application of this product is an inspection mirror. It's a device... read more

Inspection Mirrors

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...created to inspect remote, narrow, and hard-to-reach places. Commonly, inspection mirrors are flat, but convex mirrors are also utilized. Usually, inspection mirrors are circular or oval in shape, small-sized, and are put on a prolonged (sometimes retractable) handle. Application fields of inspection mirrors vary from the automotive industry to medicine and personal hygiene. We offer a great selection of inspection mirrors designed and manufactured by the most famous brands.