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Electronic equipment is utilized in almost any imaginable sphere, from your phones and TVs to intricate industrial machinery and power plants. This equipment may sometimes be very expensive, and damaging a single electrical component may compromise the whole set-up. Electrical malfunction is often caused by faulty wiring or voltage surges in the grid. Prevention mechanisms, such as fuses, are regularly installed to protect a system from short circuits and similar occurrences. Special tools called fuse pullers are used when working with fuses. A fuse puller is... read more

Fuse Pullers

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...a special instrument employed to pull out burned out or faulty fuses, or simply for the inspection of a fuse box. This device often resembles small pliers, made of plastic or other insulating material. Fuse extractors and fuse separators are also similar devices that are regularly used in fuse boxes, depending on the complexity of the set-up. Choose the right instrument for your specific application at Mega Depot!