Any construction process includes extensive manipulation of building materials. These processes include melting, connecting, crimping, isolating, separating, cutting, and more. A variety of hand tools were created to ease the process of working with different materials, some of them dating back to prehistoric times. Cutting tools are an extremely useful addition to any hand tool kit. We provide a wide range of cutting instruments suitable for a lot of applications.


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Cutting instruments have come a long way from stone blades to sophisticated razor-sharp devices. Modern-day cutting equipment is presented in a number of types, and the products utilize different techniques to cut different objects and materials. Mega Depot offers a great selection of cable cutters, rod cutters, tile cutters, and pipe cutters.

A pipe cutter is a small device that has a wheel blade and a set of adjustable rollers. This device is attached to a pipe and rolled around it a few times, leaving a straight precise cut. Rod cutters apply lever pressure and sharp blades to cut through long metal bars, and a similar principle goes for cable tools. Tile cutters leave a thin incision in the desired spot and then the pressure is applied directly under it to snap the tile into two.