Manual labor has always been an inalienable part of human development. For ages manual work has been done with the help of many different tools. With the changes in our everyday lives, problems and tasks we face also changed, and so did our tools. Plumbing is one of the essential parts of any system that transports or stores any liquids or gases. Tubes are not always manufactured in the appropriate shapes, therefore additional tools should be used to give them the geometry desired. Mega Depot provides a wide variety of bending instruments for professionals as well as people who want to DIY. We have the biggest selection of hand tools as well as power tools for the best prices.


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There are several types of bending equipment and mechanics. The first one is compression bending, one of the earliest techniques of shaping pipes. It involves pressing a tube in a die with a preset shape, causing the tube to assume the form desired. Next is the rotary draw, that uses die sets with predetermined and unchangeable centerline radius, giving the tubes circular shapes. Roll benders have sets or rollers, that allow exercising pressure gradually, avoiding possible fractures and deformity.