Saws are rightfully considered to be among the most recognized and widely used tools in carpentry, construction working, repair, wood & metal processing, and adjacent spheres. Saws date back as far as ancient Egypt, they were used for cutting different materials (primarily wood). Modern-day sawing instruments are designed particularly for cutting through lumber, metal, and various other hard and soft materials. Saws may be operated by manual power or actuated by any type of additional energy (mainly electricity). Saws are widely utilized both as power tools and hand tools.


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When it comes to hand saws, they are commonly similar in design. The main cutting element is a steel blade with a toothed edge. This blade is adjacent to a handle. To make a cut, the blade is placed directly in contact with the material, and then the force is applied while running it back and forward. Mega Depot also offers a selection of hacksaws - tools specially designed to cut hard materials like metal. Hacksaws have a fine, thinner blade that possesses better cutting capabilities, but has a shorter lifespan and is usually replaced after being damaged or worn out.