Knives are among the first tools used by people. These instruments have a relatively simple composition, which was used in ancient times and was inherited by modern-day tools - a blade and a handle. Knives are multifunctional devices that may be used for various everyday purposes. We provide a great selection of knives produced by the most trusted brands.



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Historically, knives were originally utilized for hunting, skinning, cooking, and making other tools. Knives have evolved significantly over the centuries, adapting to the needs of a certain application and time period. Knives are commonly applied as hand tools, from general purposes to specific applications like utility or precision knives. Mega Depot offers a vast array of light, medium, and heavy-duty utility knives, a great set of folding general-purpose knives that can be used in any field - from construction to traveling. We also provide a selection of spark-proof knives suited for working with open cables and wires. Choose the right product for your specific application at Mega Depot!