Multiple learning techniques and methods have been developed throughout the history of education. Learning is a major aspect of becoming an educated, successful, and all-around person. Education takes up the majority of our childhood and youth, and a lot of adults attend additional courses and classes while already having a job.

Many theories were presented to determine and characterize the best way of learning new information as well as the best time period for doing so. These researches established that the younger the mind - the easier it is to comprehend and memorize new information. Especially it affects little kids. Before 8 years old, it is great to learn new information and develop skills like creativity, fast thinking, ability to learn and find patterns, ability to work together and think “outside the box”. Although little kids are not very eager to learn, it is necessary to develop such skills, because they might greatly affect the future life of a child. Therefore, special toys were developed that would encourage kids to learn through playing. Constructors are a great example of such toys. They are a perfect addition to the learning process and are often used in primary schools to keep a child interested while still learning subjects. We offer a selection of constructor toys for all ages. Be creative with Mega Depot!


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There are special sets of various pieces that differ in form and size. They all have identical connections, so any piece can be attached to another one. These pieces are used as building blocks and can be assembled in any shape a child wants. Such construction toys are great for developing both social and individual skills. The majority of constructor sets have a task or an object that is intended to be built from given parts, however, a child is always free to create an object he or she wants, and there are no restrictions in doing so. It helps develop spatial skills, creativity, and imagination. Several children may be asked to construct a more intricate object from a given amount of blocks, and by working together, they can develop necessary social skills like working in a team and the ability to listen, also developing leadership qualities. Choose the best product for your kid at Mega Depot!