Xeltek Corporation is a global, high-tech company, leader in a wide range of professional systems dedicated to online / offline IC programming. Having been the world's leading provider of manual and automated device programming systems for Flash, Microcontroller and Logic devices since 1991, the company’s continuous focus on quality, support and programming speed helps the customers achieve excellence in production and product quality.

Vision and Mission. There are many advantages in utilizing the In-System Programming technology, and Xeltek’s goal is to also become a reference point in the serial programming field, by providing customers with high-quality products and services. Company’s in-system, parallel and automated programming solutions will help customers meet the highest production standards while reducing and shortening time-to-market.

Strengths. Xeltek continuously invests in innovation and new solutions. The unique combination of staff, products and services allow the company to act on signals from the market to come up with product alterations and new tools that lower cost and shorten turnaround time. Xeltek serve electronics manufacturers around the world and are honored to be described as the one-stop for all programming need.

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