Since 1953, Winters Instruments has been manufacturing high-quality industrial instrumentation for all markets that require precision pressure and temperature measurement.

The foundation of the company can be traced back to the former central European republic of Czechoslovakia, where Mechanika Bratislava, an instrumentation factory, was formed in 1925. Its founder, Erwin Winters, re-established the business in Toronto, Canada in 1953 under the Winters Thermogauges name. The company later became known as Winters Instruments.

In its early years, Winters Instruments would roll its own Bourdon tubes by hand. Technicians would fill sections of twelve-inch lengths of pressed copper pipe with silica sand and hand roll each section and then cut to form Bourdon tubes. Another mark of Winters as a true manufacturer is found in its earlier production of thermometers, where skilled workers would form measuring scales by blowing glass tubes by mouth. And as it was common practice at the time, Winters Instruments would make dials by hand. This was done by hand-etching numbers and markings onto metal plates.

Through the years, through numerous acquisitions and organic development, the company has grown in size and reputation and is now a leading global manufacturer of industrial instrumentation.

The company’s comprehensive product lines of pressure gauges, thermometers, diaphragm seals, transmitters, switches, and accessories are brought to the market by an extensive distribution network.


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