Tornado Industries, Inc. is dedicated to delivering best-in-class commercial and industrial cleaning equipment that meets and even exceeds customers’ expectations. With the experience of more than 90 years in the industrial cleaning business, Tornado® has a strong entrepreneurial history of partnering with in-house cleaners, contractors, and facility managers to provide cleaning solutions that deliver innovation, reliability, and competitive pricing.

Developed for cleaning professionals by cleaning professionals, Tornado’s machines are created to maximize cleaning efficiency and speed, minimize the impact of cleaning on indoor environments, and reduce the total cost of cleaning, resulting in greater profitability for your organization. Tornado’s industry-acclaimed products tackle the unique cleaning challenges faced in a variety of markets.

The company’s sole purpose is to design, manufacture, and market innovative, world-class commercial floor care equipment to clean the whole facility in a sustainable manner, from carpets to hard floors and grouted tile to fabrics and upholstery. This results in cleaner, healthier indoor environments for building occupants and reduces cleaning costs while improving profits.

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