Torbal™, part of Scientific Industries, Inc., is an industry-leading manufacturer of best-in-class weighing solutions. Established more than 200 years ago, the company is famous for its superior weighing mechanisms. During the 20th Century, Torbal EA-1 Analytical Scales and DRX Prescription models became the balances of choice for laboratories, schools, and pharmacies throughout the United States.

Today, the Torbal success continues with some of the most advanced precision, laboratory, and analytical scales available on the market. The company’s line has recently expanded to include moisture analyzers, force gauges, and industrial scales.

Torbal precision and analytical scales are constructed with the highest quality parts and components. With robust die-cast metal housing, a superior force restoration load cell, and features such as Automatic Internal Calibration, the company is able to guarantee accuracy, quality, and reliability for all time.


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