Tach-It provides a huge selection of tag guns, label and tape dispensers and applicators, bag sealers, box cutters, twist ties, cable ties, shipping supplies, and more.

Tach-It is the world’s largest manufacturer of semi-automatic and hand-held twist tie machines. All of the machines are developed using the latest technology, constructed of the finest components, operator friendly, reliable, and are supported by Tach-It’s reputation for the highest quality equipment and supplies in the industry.

As the innovator and leading supplier of tagging systems, Tach-It has the widest variety of best quality Tape Guns, Label Dispensers, Manual, and heavy-duty automatic Box Sealers. All of this along with the company’s Special Products, Competitive Pricing, Excellent Service makes Tach-It meet and exceed all your tag attaching needs.

Tach-It - the Source for All Your Entry-Level Automation and Packaging Needs.



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