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S-Curve Technologies is a leading manufacturer of acrylic dispensers that serve worldwide in the high tech cleanroom, medical & dental, and research & university laboratory industries.

S-Curve Technologies was specifically established in 1992 to meet the specific requirements of the industries it serves now. Its dispensers are designed to protect the product from contamination, provide “ease of use” for the customers, and maximize space utilization. With more than 25 years of experience in these specific markets and responsibility for product development, S-Curve management has the required experience to meet the demanding customers’ requirements.

Specializing in select markets! S-Curve does not try to be the acrylic dispenser supplier to each and every market. Realizing that a higher level of quality can be achieved, S-Curve management decided to focus the company’s efforts, design, and fabrication capabilities on the select few markets that require the highest level of quality. The company believes that if it manufactures only high-quality dispensers, the quality output of its workers will never be diminished.

Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed! The company stand behind their products because they believe in providing only the best. S-Curve Technologies will guarantee the quality of the product 100%. The S-Curve Technologies product guarantee states that if you believe there is a quality defect in the product, it will be replaced immediately at no extra cost to you.

S-Curve Technologies - Dispensers for Controlled Environments.

S-Curve Technologies

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