Astronics PECO provides aerospace interiors, structures, and safety systems along with mission-critical defense solutions. For over 80 years, the company has been partnering with its aerospace and defense customers to design and manufacture parts that hundreds of thousands of people depend on.

Aerospace: Astronics PECO designs and manufactures top-quality commercial aerospace interior components and systems. It is a long-time producer of aircraft passenger service units (PSU), which incorporate air handling, emergency oxygen, electrical power management, and cabin lighting system as well as a wide range of fuel access doors that meet stringent strength, fuel sealing, and anti-corrosion requirements.

Controls: The company delivers smart solutions for temperature control in HVAC systems, including devices with technologies that allow commercial enterprises to provide superior solutions to their customers. The company’s temperature control devices meet high-standard system requirements in commercial, HVAC, industrial, agricultural, and chemical applications.

Precision Manufacturing: Astronics PECO designs and manufactures reliable and durable products for applications with demanding requirements, including applications in defense, medical device, instrumentation, semi-conductor & aerospace. Precision manufacturing provides valuable expertise in part design, material selection, design for manufacturing, and tool selection. Fabrication expertise delivers lower material consumption, cycle-time optimization, etc.

The company is a provider of advanced technologies for the global aerospace and defense industries.



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