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America’s first thermometer company originated in Cincinnati, OH in 1836. Since that time, Palmer Instruments has steadily evolved through product development geared exclusively towards industrial supply and process measurement.

From the development of the "Foster Cup" thermometer in 1880, through the radical improvement of thermometer legibility by the patented "Red Reading Mercury" tube in 1929 to today’s temperature and pressure measurement innovations, Palmer has always maintained the "first" tradition by bringing instrument value, service, and quality to a broad range of industries.

Operating from a new facility in Asheville, NC since 1987, Palmer has developed special-application products such as Dual-Sensing and "Slip-fit" thermometers and pioneered new industry services such as free lifetime recalibration on pressure gauges. With the recent affiliation with Wahl Instruments and the resulting consolidation of manufacturing in Asheville, Palmer Instruments looks first to the future.

Family-owned and -operated, Palmer Wahl has a rich history, built on the company’s reputation for outstanding product development, quality, and customer service. Its future is dedicated to innovating more industry Firsts in instrumentation.

Palmer Wahl

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