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It Started with a Great Idea...

In 1950, in a modest workshop in the San Gabriel Valley (a suburb of Los Angeles, California), the original "Handy Cutter" flat box cutter was invented. 70 years ago, this cutter began a series of very successful products that are currently used worldwide.

Although the "Handy Cutter" has been imitated over and over again, due to the elegant "minimalistic design", it’s function shines through no matter what the disguise. Continuous growth, based on new creative ideas, makes Pacific Handy Cutter, Inc., (PHC) an integral player in the food, grocery, and industrial hardware industries. Invariably, the products find their way into a worker's home toolbox, a real test of a tool’s usefulness and indispensability. Today, the company’s design approach has evolved into a controlled and studied process, that incorporates input from the field and from PHC knowledge base of technologies, delivering products that often exceed expectations

In 2007, PHC was acquired by American Capital (ACAS), a publicly-traded, world-leading private equity firm. With the added financial and management expertise, the company’s team uncovers new market opportunities daily and originates great ideas ready to meet every need.

Pacific Handy Cutter

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