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Oberon is an industry-leading manufacturer of best-in-class PPE. The company’s establishment dates back to 1978 when its founder, Jack Hirschmann, created an innovative Face-Fit® face shield, whose design ushered in the idea that face shields could be made to protect the user from specific and unique hazards. Since then, Oberon has been known as a trusted supplier of high-quality personal protective equipment.

The list of Oberon products includes top-notch suits, balaclavas, gloves, face shields, hoods, coveralls, coats, bibs, and more. All solutions are field-tested that guarantees you to get the best quality equipment.

Oberon is not just a manufacturing company, it is an engineering company that develops innovative electrical safety solutions. It participates in many national standards committees and has a team of experts who strive every day to improve its product lines. Oberon’s mission is to protect the welfare of the individual while adding value to a company’s overall safety program.

Oberon Company

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