Since 1986, the Medicool Corporation located in the Southern California City of Torrance, has been manufacturing and distributing patented travel cases that can keep insulin and other temperature sensitive injectable medications cool. The company currently offer more than 10 different styles of diabetic travel cases, available with and without temperature controlling elements.

Medicool continues to develop private label and exclusively designed cases for many Pharmaceutical Companies and has established partnerships worldwide. Medicool has continued to expand its entire product line, and now either distributes exclusively or manufactures a range of products for both the Health and Beauty Industries, now offering more than 12 different styles of Electric, Rechargeable and Battery Powered Filing Systems. The company provide the largest selection of Drill Bits and additional accessories to meet the needs of every Professional Nail technician. In the Podiatry and Foot Care market, the company offer a selection of Debriding Machines with built in vacuum suction systems as well as regular electric and portable drills, along with a selection of Swiss Made Burrs, a selection of Diamond Burrs and a selection of disposable Burrs. In the Dental Laboratory and Jewelry Polishing fields, the company offer several styles of Micro Motor Hand Pieces and Drills.

Medicool's primary criterion for all the items they manufacture is Quality First, then - to look for some unique aspect in form or function that sets that product apart from all others in a selected category. Medicool explore every way a particular product can be utilized in other applications and markets; often modifying a product for a specific application - thus assuring it will be practical and useful to a wide range of customers and their needs. Medicool's philosophy of "Unique Products – Guaranteed!" will continue to be their guiding inspiration in the new millennium.

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