Markal®, a part of LA-CO Industries, Inc., is the global leader in high-performance, handheld industrial marking products. The company offers unique and innovative products for global industries, including metal production, shipbuilding, automotive assembly, welding and metal fabrication, building construction, lumber/timber processing, and many more.

From the company’s manufacturing locations in Elk Grove Village, IL, USA and Blyes, France the company produces high-performance industrial markers for a wide range of industries.

For over 80 years, Markal has been proud to support the hardworking contractors that build the world’s great bridges, ships, automobiles, homes, office towers, power plants, and many other engineering marvels with Markal® products.

Today, Markal-branded products are sold around the world in over 60 countries. This broad network of long-term business partners provides customers with the highest level of service.

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