Since its founding in 1967, JULABO has consistently set new standards of high-performance and reliable temperature control devices. Today, JULABO is an industry leader. The company has played a significant role in the development of fluid-based temperature control technology. Its expert engineers and technicians help shape the market with new ideas and innovations. This experience and know-how allow the staff to continuously improve JULABO products as needs evolve. JULABO is where the future of temperature control becomes reality.

Today JULABO stands for:

  • Research, development, and production under one roof! - The company handles every phase of development and production in-house, from design and electronics development to hardware, software, and PC simulations to CAD drafts, functional models, prototypes, and series production. Having control over these steps ensures consistently high quality and reliability.
  • Refined technology – for any challenge! - At Julabo, cutting-edge methods are used to design and manufacture temperature control instruments that fulfill the highest expectations and are ready to withstand even the most difficult conditions.
  • High quality in accordance with international standards! - Julabo has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1994. The products comply with stringent national, European, and international standards. Structural components and complete units undergo numerous tests during each phase of production. As a result, only technically flawless products leave the factory.

Julabo - the right place for high-quality, reliable, and powerful temperature control solutions.


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