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IKA Works is a German-based world leader in processing equipment and technology. Founded in 1910 as a supplier for pharmacies and hospitals, the company has more than a century of experience in the manufacturing of best-in-class lab equipment.

IKA product line includes high shear batch mixers, high shear inline mixers, colloid mills, stirrers, agitators, dryers, and kneaders. IKA® mixers are used for thousands of applications in the food, chemical, personal care, and pharmaceutical industries.


IKA Works was founded by businessman Curt Janke and pharmacist Max Kunkel, whose prime goal was to design better equipment for the healthcare industry. Since the day of its foundation, the company has lived through a number of incidents, including WWI and the following years of inflation and economic crisis, and succeeded to get on its feet by consistently offering new products and ideas. It quickly became the world’s leading company for laboratory technology as well as dispersing, stirring, and kneading machines. Today, the IKA group has over 900 employees at 10 locations on four continents.


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