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Heathrow Scientific is a global manufacturer of lab essentials that deliver design, function and innovation. The company’s products are used in life sciences and clinical applications as well as academic and government research. Heathrow Scientific push the boundaries and make new and better ways of lab work possible by supplying everyday labware and equipment that solve problems, improve productivity, save space and deliver value.

Heathrow Scientific has a substantial track record of engineering quality that includes quality assurance plans, 100% multi-level inspections, as well as 3rd party inspection process that all create a 99.7% reliability on company’s equipment and 99.99% reliability on laboratory supplies!

For 20 years Heathrow Scientific has enabled their global dealer network to meet the customer requirements by providing world-class service that exceeds expectations and delivers high quality, innovative laboratory products that solve problems and improves productivity.

Heathrow Scientific is proud that over 30% of the company's sales are generated from yearly new product introductions. The company continually re-invest heavily in R&D to ensure they provide you with unique products every year. On average, HF introduce 15 new products a year with 10 being unique or innovative.

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