For decades, HD Electric Company’s mission has been to design and manufacture products that help customers manage and deliver electric power in a safe and efficient manner. This mission is being accomplished by designing products and providing solutions with a passion for excellence and innovation.

HDE’s state-of-the-art test, measurement, and safety products provide safe, accurate, and critical information about the electric power system and its associated equipment. All HDE products are designed to meet high standards of quality, improve system reliability, expedite power restoration, and facilitate maintenance procedures in the field. HDE’s products give you the confidence you need to ensure that electricity is flowing to your customers in a safe and efficient manner.

Comprehensive, innovative products for controlling and monitoring electricity help you manage system efficiencies and obtain maximum performance from the assets you operate. Whether communicating with smart grid applications and providing valuable load information or managing capacitor banks based on site parameters, the capacitor control solutions provide you with the leading-edge products you need.

HD Electric Company meets the rigorous demands of the industry by providing the user with an efficient way to illuminate a variety of environments. From personal lighting solutions mounted on a hardhat to hand-held task and area lighting, all of these products are made out of the best components available. These utility-grade products are designed to provide maximum efficiency, flexibility, and performance in the most challenging situations.

From safety solutions for your line crews to products for controlling smart grid applications, HD Electric Company has something to suit all your needs.


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