For more than 140 years, Greenlee has been a provider of quality tools to the woodworking industry and, for over 70 years, to the electrical industry as well. Over 20 years ago, Greenlee made a commitment to the high technology necessary to keep pace with the changing needs of the customers. Proof of that commitment is in the modern facilities, state-of-the-art production equipment, and enhanced quality assurance programs which comprise the Greenlee way of doing business today.

The company’s expanded EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) capabilities assure convenient, fast, and accurate exchange of information between Greenlee and its suppliers and customers. ISO 9001 Certification further assures customers worldwide of company’s ongoing commitment to quality products, service, and support. Innovative product design, manufacturing excellence, and customer response will keep Greenlee at the top of its industry, now, and well into the 21st century.

History. The story of what is today Greenlee began in Crawford County, Pennsylvania over 160 years ago. Born on the family farm in April of 1838, Robert and Ralph were the twin sons of Edmund Greenlee, a farmer of some ingenuity. Among the labor-saving devices Edmund created was a line of wooden barrel making machines he patented when the boys were young. Growing up in this environment seems to have fostered some valuable skills in the brothers; both demonstrated mechanical aptitude and inventiveness, and, before they were 20, proficiency as coopers (barrel makers).

A company biography, Round Bits...Square Holes, written in 1962, stated, "No training could have been more timely." Indeed, shortly after the twins turned 21 in 1859, Edwin Drake drilled the region's first successful oil well only a few miles from the Greenlee home, others soon followed, and the resulting demand for oil storage barrels soon exceeded 1,000 per day, "more than all the barrel makers in northeast Pennsylvania combined could produce." Ralph and Robert put their father's machines to good use; what would one day become Greenlee Textron had begun…

Mission. To be the global leader in the professional tool category by developing high quality innovative products distinguished by customer-driven design and differentiated by supply chain excellence.

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