Garvey Products, Inc. is a comprehensive supplier of EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) products, handheld labeling equipment, custom labels, safety box cutters, shopping carts and baskets, handheld tagging equipment, and other retail supplies.

Since the introduction of the company’s first price marking labeler over 45 years ago, Garvey Products has taken pride in offering the highest quality, easy-to-use devices. Today, Garvey offers the widest range of labelers on the market.

Garvey retail devices are designed to meet all requirements, even the most demanding. Being the only company in the market that continues to innovate and offer new products and services, Garvey is the one-stop-shop for retail pricing, dating, and coding solutions.

The company’s goal is to consistently offer superior customer service, competitive pricing, and cutting-edge product innovations. Garvey Products is always focused on supplying best-in-class products and new ideas to the market.


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