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Drucker Diagnostics is a world leader in the design and production of centrifugation, specimen protection, dry hematology, and fluorescent microscopy solutions.

Founded in 1932, Drucker Diagnostics has been manufacturing clinical centrifuges for more than 80 years. At that time, the company has become an international leader in centrifuge and lab equipment production. Drucker® products are the trusted choice for reference laboratories, hospitals, community and rural clinics, physician offices, military field facilities, and cruise ships throughout the world. The company proudly produces all of its equipment here in the United States. Drucker’s operations centers are located in Port Matilda and Philipsburg, PA, near Penn State University.

Manufacturing over 40,000 clinical centrifuges annually, Drucker is a world leader in centrifuge production. The company’s more than 150 corporate partners include the world’s largest reference labs, distributors, and hospital networks. Drucker’s global customer base uses its products in more than 80 countries.

Drucker Diagnostics

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