CPAC Equipment, Inc. (CEI) is a U.S. company, located in Western New York, that manufactures primarily medical/dental sterilizers and silver recovery equipment. CPAC is an FDA registered manufacturer that was acquired by Integrated Medical Technologies, Inc. (IMT), an Illinois corporation, in September 2013.

CPAC manufactures an extensive line of branded and private-label equipment, providing Tabletop High-Velocity Hot Air (“HVHA”) and Static Heat sterilizers, and mobile and central evacuation units, to a diverse group of customers in the medical, dental, ophthalmology, pharmaceutical, and other industries.

CPAC’s well-known branded products include Steri-Dent, Cox Rapid Heat™, and SteriSURE™ sterilizers. Several new-product development projects are underway to expand CPAC’s sterilizer product lines.

CPAC strives to provide equipment that promotes safer health-care environments and reduces operating costs. The company also manufactures silver recovery equipment, cartridges, spare parts, and consumables for the Imaging industry and other markets that utilize silver halide technology.

CPAC has been a recognized name in the Imaging industry for nearly 45 years.

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