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Cash Acme is home to an industry-trusted lineup of residential and commercial heating and plumbing supplies. For over 100 years, the company has serviced the general heating and plumbing industry with a solid and well-regarded product range.

Cash Acme offers time-tested water control valves. Proudly built in America more than 100 years ago, Cash Acme is the world’s largest volume T&P valve manufacturer, and continues to be an industry trendsetter with unique water control solutions for everyday residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing applications.

With a robust range of potable and non-potable water plumbing products, Cash Acme specializes in pressure, thermostatic, and temperature control valves designed to safeguard water systems in all types of facilities. Cash Acme’s ISO 9001-certified quality assurance processes ensure every valve leaving the company’s U.S. facility to be 100% tested and meet all industry standards. This history of innovation and dependable quality has made Cash Acme a trusted name in the professional trade.

Cash Acme - A Trusted History. An Innovative Future.

Cash Acme
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