Burndy is an industry-leading manufacturer of connectors, fittings, and tools for electrical utilities, commercial, industrial, and residential contractors, maintenance and repair companies, as well as the telecommunication and renewable energies market.

Founded in 1924, Burndy was named after its owner Bern Dibner. He put not only his name into the company but also his heart, soul, and life, establishing a family business. The most prominent Dibner’s innovation was a multi-functional connector that works without welding or soldering.

One of the key dates in the Burndy’s life was 1988 when the company was bought by FCI (Framatome Connectors International), terminating its family status. Later, in 2009, BURNDY joined the HUBBELL Electrical Systems conglomerate.

Burndy is proud of its high-quality products, outstanding customer support, and constant innovations. With a wide array of connector types and instrumentations, the company supply products to meet all needs.



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