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Cleaning is a very important aspect of human life, both everyday and professional. Accumulation of dust and dirt at home may lead to stale air, bad smells, problems with breathing, and even bacteria and viruses developing and spreading throughout the residence and infecting its inhabitants. Cleaning a workplace is even more important, because it may affect both operational efficiency and work safety. Cleaning kits come in handy when you want to clean your home or prepare your workplace for a shift. We provide a selection of cleaning kits, all at the best prices.

Cleaning Kits

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Cleaning appliances & supplies come in a wide selection of types, based on their application field, purposes, forms, and prices. These appliances are grouped into kits to simplify the selection process. We offer a range of general-purpose cleaning kits suitable for various applications. Such kits usually contain mops, cleaning solvents, and similar appliances to remove dust, dirt, and grease from surfaces. We also provide a variety of specialized kits suited for chemically active or sensitive surfaces. They include a variety of solutions and sorbents designed for certain applications.