Keeping your house or workplace clean is one of the key elements of being productive and efficient. If you want to get rid of contamination fast, you should use specialized cleaning chemicals. You can choose from a wide selection of agents with different compositions and purposes. They may be presented in liquid, powder, or granule form, and also sprays. Composition-wise, they may be solvent-based or solvent-containing, alkaline-based, acid-based, and neutral. Modern chemicals have formulas that are very efficient in clearing away dirt, dust, grease, smudges, and smells from any type of surface... read more


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... There are several types of solutions that can kill harmful bacteria, infections, and mold that may emerge on the dirty surface. Another requirement they have to meet is preserving the surface that is being cleaned and preventing bad smells, dirt, and grease from spreading further.

Mega Depot offers a wide choice of cleaning chemicals that are suitable for any situation. We provide a selection of agents by Anti-Seize Technology, Brady, Dixon Valve, Elenco, Hercules, Morris, Rothenberger, and more at the best prices.