Yellow Jacket Gauges

Yellow Jacket Gauges

Yellow Jacket Gauges are known for their excellent quality and reliability. They have high visibility colored temperature scales for the most accurate measurements.

3-1/8" Dry Manifold Gauges

These large gauges have a red/blue steel housing + front recalibrator screw. Colored temperature scales are hi-vis, they are easy to read.

3-1/8 Dry Manifold Gauges


- 1% accuracy calibration

- Flutterless™ technology + brass surge protector for the minimization of needle pulsation

- Brass gauge movement

- Copper alloy Bourdon tube

Heavy Duty 2-1/2" brass manifold gauges

These products are equipped with a solid brass case + premium movements. Internal components are made of phosphor bronze & stainless steel to provide extended service life even during severe usage.

Heavy Duty 2-1/2 brass manifold gauges


- 1% accuracy calibration

- Flutterless™ technology + brass surge protector

- Full view glass crystal

2-1/2" Ammonia Gauges

They are created to be used on manifolds + as permanent gauges on a system/equipment charged with ammonia. Temperature & pressure scales are displayed on the dials. Special restrictors provide protection against pulsating pressure. Note that these gauges are not suitable for fixed applications.

2-1/2 Ammonia Gauges


  • 3-2-3% accuracy calibration
  • Steel sockets

Protective gauge boots

To protect your gauge, it is recommended to use a convenient rubber boot. When choosing, bear in mind the size of your gauge. Yellow Jacket rubber boots are affordable and color coded to match the gauge (red/blue).

Yellow Jacket offers different gauges for various purposes, and it is important to get the model that will meet your needs.

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