What is a Master Key

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What Is A Master Key

Every business owner wants their property to be secured by the proper key security system. An ideal key security system provides maximum safety. Locks and their keys are the first significant aspect that provides effective security against thieves and burglars. That is why it is a crucial point to keep your property and valuables locked with a proper key security system with high-quality keys as the Master Key.

Master Key Definition

A Master Key is a key that is used in a Master Key System provided with the highest security level. In fact, there is no Master Key that can open all locks. There is a lock system that is available for several Master keys.

In a small Master Key locking system, the major key is commonly called the Master Key and marked with the letter “M”. In the bigger key locking system with more doors and personalized keys, the Master Key is usually called Grand Master KEy. It is the same key but with another label.

True Master Key is produced to open all pin tumbler locks in the same building, offering the individual single-access keys that will open only one of the doors in the building. The principle is that the specific pins and stacking of those pins offer the pin tumbler lock to turn with several shear lines, instead of one.

Range Of Master Keys

Range Of Master Keys

A Change Key or, as it may be also called a Sub-Master Key, may open one lock and the other totally same locks. The lock that may be opened by the change key, can also be opened with the other keys of the Master Key system., and any other keys that are at the range above (listed below).

A Master Key is a significant key to change a simple lock into a special master keyed lock. In several key systems, this key is the highest range key. The Master Key is marked as “MK” on the market

A Grand Master Key is used to get access to several master key systems. This type of key can open every master key system that is under it on the range and the sub-master keys under those systems. The Grand Master Key is marked as “GMK” on the market.

A Grand Grand Master Key is used to open all the grand master key systems, all the master key systems, and the change keys that are below it on the range. In fact, such a system of key use may be developed by producing more and more complex functions and be marked as great grand…, etc.

Master Wafer on the Master Key

In the picture below you may see the elements that are marked with the blue color. They are called Master Wafers. What makes the Master Wafers unique is that they are single pieces instead of red and yellow pins that are split in the middle.

The Key is put into the lock with the Master Wafers after the Master Key cutting. After that, five shear lines are created.

In the picture you may see five Master Wafers, however, locks may have as many Master Wafers as it is required, or even one.

Range Of Master Keys

How Does A Master Key Work

Several locks work by the principle of a pin tumbler system when the cylinder spins with a shear line level. The shear line operates as the leveling of the pins in the cylinder that are made by inserting the working key. There are from 5 to 6 chambers inside the lock cylinder.

Every chamber includes a spring-loaded stack of key pins that raise and go down as it correlates to notches in the key. The spring presses down a driver pin which during the turn presses down the master and bottom pins. The driver pin is flat and its principle is to press down the pins, that are below it, into the lockpick of the key.

The master pin is between the driver pin (on top) and the bottom pin (below). The master pin is flat on each side and piled up on top of the bottom pin that is also flat, but on one side and pointed on the other side, tackling down close to the key blade.

The master pins principle is to attach another change or shear point inside the cylinder in each chamber, thus providing keys to operate the same lock.

The Master Key will press these pieces into the area where there is a gap that is called the “shear line” the way that the lock cylinder may be turned inside. Such an operation helps to unlock or open all the doors in the building. This is the principle of the Master Key system’s operation.

The Master Key Importance

The Master Key System is a significant part of a large key security system.

The major advantage of the Master Key System is that it offers you to regulate access to certain areas of your properties, thus developing the security system.

Range Of Master Keys

You may give your employees different levels of access and permission according to the working vacancies or roles in your business. For example, a higher access level may have the CEO. The lower the responsibility, the lower the access level you will get.

Moreover, the Master Key system provides a high level of control. It is quite challenging to duplicate the Master Key. Telling the truth is impossible, thus offering the property owners to provide control over the keys and employees.

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